Polaroid Donna     An undead punk rock chick just looking for a good day out.

Polaroid Zippy     …is Zippy.

Polaroid Calendar     There is more to this smart-ass than meets the eye.

Polaroid Todd     The guy who happened to be at the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time, depending on your perspective.

Polaroid Tiger     Kind of an asshole. 

Polaroid Bei Dad     Incredible supernatural powers!  …And chooses to spend time as a cockroach.

Polaroid Rage     “This is Rage.  She lives inside your head.  Should you question her, you may wind up dead.”

Polaroid Bei    Given the whole Cursed-Undead thing, she’s taking it all rather well.

Polaroid Ed     Once, Ed thought Todd was boring.  He takes it back.

Polaroid Queenie     A queen of her domain.  …and any other domain anyone else happens to inhabit.

Polaroid Mary    A cool ghoul.