Entropy Head

This graphic novel started as my journal. I had nearly died across the country from my friends and family, my mental health plummeted and piled on with old problems I thought I was done with years prior, and my actual food allergies took over my life until I thought I was allergic to all food and kind of also the air?

With all of that in mind, Entropy Head is the story of a man named Matthew who is already in therapy when we meet him. He is agoraphobic, and he sees horrific creatures. The problem comes in when some of these monsters aren?t just in his head!

The art is digital in Photoshop except for a monster every now and then that might be made from clay, sand, or acrylic paint, then photographed before being edited in. Also, I put colored pencil objects every now and then throughout the story.

These objects have nothing to do with the plot, but they are things that were important to my mom. Since the main character, Matthew, is close to his mother, I had to make some decisions for my own sanity after mine was killed. The conversations he was meant to have with his mom still happen, but she remains over the phone, faceless. Instead, my own mother is present in those blue and orange colored pencil drawings.

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